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2023 Plant Sale Lists & Information

Plant pick-up is from 9:30 AM-1:00 PM on 10/28/22 at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds (enter livestock entrance, Gate D). From 1:00-2:00 PM at the same location EKCRCD will be offering "extra" plants for sale.


Antelope Valley RCD Native Plants for Sale (links with pictures)

All plants grown from seed collected in the Mojave Desert by CalTrans.

Abrosia dumosa, burrobush, white bursage     

Atriplex canescens, 4-wing saltbush

Baccharis sarathroides, desert broom

Eriogonum fasciculatum, California buckwheat

Layia glandulosa, white daisy, white tidytips


MSWN Plants for Sale  (links with pictures)

Non-invasive desert-adapted plants

Agave schidigera ‘Black Widow’, century plant

Agave schidigera Durango Delight™, century plant

Agave victoriae-reginae, Queen Victoria agave

Anisacanthus quadrifidis v. wrightii Mexican Fire™, flame acanthus

Dasylirion texanum, green desert spoon

Dasylirion wheeleri, grey desert spoon

Hesperaloe x ‘MSWN Ivory Swan’ Nite Lights®, ivory swan hesperaloe

Hesperaloe parvifolia v. ‘PERPA’ Brakelights®, brakelights or crimson yucca

Hesperaloe parvifolia v. ‘MSWNPERMA’ Desert Dusk ®, desert dusk red yucca

Hesperaloe tenuifolia, grassy hesperaloe

Leucophyllum  langmaniae ‘Lynn’s Legacy’; Lynn’s Legacy sage, Lynn’s ever-blooming

Leucophyllum  langmaniae ‘Rio Bravo’, Rio Bravo Sage

Nolina nelsonii, blue nolina

Opuntia cacanapa ‘Ellisiana’, spineless prickly pear

Opuntia Santa-Rita Tubac™, purple prickly pear

Peritoma arborea or Cleome isomeris, bladderpod (seed packet)

Salvia clevelandii, Cleveland sage

Salvia x ‘Ultra Violet’, Ultra Violet Sage

Yucca baccata, Spanish bayonet, banana yucca

Boteloua gracilis 'Blonde Ambition', blonde ambition blue grama