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New Staff Available in Kern and LA Counties

New Staff available for Landowners, Farmers and Community Leaders in LA and Kern Counties. 

NRCS- Helping People Help the Land is the driving motto for the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) provides financial aid and technical support to landowners to address natural resource concerns and provide environmental benefits, such as improving water and air quality, reducing erosion, improving wildlife habitat, and lessening threat to human life and property. Locally based NRCS staff works directly with farmers, ranchers, and other types of land users to develop conservation plans and provide advice on the design, layout, construction, operation, and maintenance of all practices we recommend. We also provide access to engineers and other specialists, such as Foresters, wildlife biologists, agronomists, and range-land specialists. All land user participation is entirely voluntary. NRCS conducts soil surveys, conservation needs assessments, and a National Resource Inventory to provide a basis for the resource conservation planning activities and to provide an evaluation of the condition of private lands in the U.S.A.

NRCS is proud to announce the new staff which will be serving all of Los Angeles County, the Eastern portion of Kern County and the Southern portion of Tulare County. Phillip Dixon will be the District Conservationist who will be the manager of the office team and director of projects.  Phillip has 28 years of service and is eager to assist all persons needing assistance. Paul Nguyen will be the Lead Soil Conservationist who will be in charge of field assistance and program management with installing contracts and all Engineering types of work.  Paul has 22 years of service with USDA and is a great asset to all landowners requiring assistance. Madeline Voldahl will be the Soil Conservationist who will be in charge of range management and conservation outreach opportunities.  Madeline has been working for the US Gov. for 6 years and NRCS for over 1 year.  She will provide great insight and energy to the younger participants in NRCS Programs.

These staff members will be under the supervision of 3 Resource Conservation Districts:  the Antelope Valley Resource Conservation District covering Los Angeles County, the Tehachapi Resource Conservation District covering western Kern County, and the Eastern Kern Resource Conservation District covering the eastern side of Kern County and the southern end of Tulare County. If you are not aware of the technical and financial assistance provided by these agencies, please call or email them.

For more information about USDA-NRCS or any other programs, you can call (661) 945-2604 ext. 3139 to speak to the District Conservationist Phillip Dixon, and Soil Conservationists Paul Nguyen and Madeline Voldahl.  Email address is   The NRCS field office is located at 44811 North Date Avenue, Suite G, Lancaster CA 93534.